Chapter Meeting: Proper Retrofitting of Windows @ Truitt & White Conference Room
Sep 14 @ 5:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Chapter Meeting:  Proper Retrofitting of Windows @ Truitt & White Conference Room | Berkeley | California | United States

Think you know it all when it comes to retrofit window installations?  Think again!  There are many potential pitfalls, and it’s important to know a good installation from one that is likely to leak or fail.  Join us and learn more!


Pre-Meeting – 5:30 to 6:50 pm

Lee Parsons, Chapter Vice-President, will give a power point presentation of a recent home inspection. He will also provide a PowerPoint presentation of report writing analysis associated with home inspection deficiencies.

  • This training is FREE to those attending the Chapter business and education meeting. Attendees earn one ASHI CE.

Dinner — 6:50 pm

We suggest arriving early to ensure the best selection. Please keep in mind that dinner is NOT endless or all-you-can-eat. WE RESERVE DINNER IN ADVANCE. Registrations received after 9/10/2017 will NOT include dinner. We also cannot accept cancellations or postponements after 9/10/2017.

Chapter Business Meeting  — 7:00 to 7:45 pm

Chapter president, Brian Cogley, presides as chapter members discuss Chapter news as well as local and national home inspection matters. This meeting is open to all (including non-members) and guests are welcome with questions, or to simply learn more about the home inspection profession.

Educational Presentation — 7:45 to 9:00 pm

“Proper Retrofitting of Windows”

Chris Martin of Building Material Distributors, Inc. will be discussing proper installation methods for retrofit windows and what potential defects to look for in retrofit installations. Chris is the Regional Sales Manager of California and Northern Nevada for the Marvin Windows and Doors division.

Established in 1943, Building Material Distributors, Inc. [BMD] is a wholesale distributor of building materials, focusing on the Western United States. BMD supplies quality products to independent lumberyards, regional building material dealers, window and door specialty retailers, hardware retailers and home centers.

Attendees earn one ASHI CE.

Registration and Fees

  • $45 with registration by 9/10/2017
  • $55 with registration after 9/10/2017, same-day registration, or ‘at the door’
  • Registrations after 9/10/2017 or “at the door” DO NOT INCLUDE DINNER

Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable to other dates as we pay for dinner in advance.  If you register and fail to cancel by 8/6/17, you will be charged as the chapter will be charged for your meal.


“Complex Issues in Home Inspection” with Michael Casey @ MIG Conference Room
Sep 23 @ 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
"Complex Issues in Home Inspection" with Michael Casey @ MIG Conference Room | Berkeley | California | United States

It’s not often you can kill four birds with one stone, but if you attend this seminar, you will!  Engaging and high respected speaker Michael Casey will address foundations, air conditioners/heat pumps, floor and roof trusses, and risk reduction in report writing, in four sessions over the course of the day.


  • Approved for 8 ASHI CEC’s
  • Approved for 8 CREIA CEC’s
  • Space is strictly limited. Early registration is strongly recommended.


Michael Casey, ACI, MCI is the principal of Michael Casey & Associates; a consulting firm based in San Diego. Mike is past president of the California Real Estate Inspection Association and the American Society of Home Inspectors. He is a multi-code certified by the ICC and IAPMO and a licensed general, plumbing and mechanical contractor in several states. Besides co-authoring several books in the Code Check series and authoring the booklet and smartphone APP Code History Master, Michael has authored numerous other books, has taught home and building inspection nationwide, and has an expert witness and claims consulting practice throughout North America since 1987. Mike has inspected over 10,000 buildings in his over 30-year career in the inspection profession, and has been a consultant or expert regarding hundreds of claims for both claimants and defendants.

Mike will be presenting on four diverse and informative topics:


Explore conventional and non-conventional foundation type identification and function with respect to intended performance. Discuss modalities and evidences of failures and review several actual case studies. The emphasis will be the importance of water control to help prevent failures.

  • Foundation system types and components
  • Anchor bolts, hold-downs and lateral forces, uplift and rotation
  • Cone of compression, undermined footings
  • Drainage
  • Retaining walls – structural and nonstructural
  • Basement walls
  • Typical defects and reporting
  • Case studies

After this session, you will be proficient in the nomenclature specific to foundation systems and relation to home inspection, able to identify conventional and non-conventional foundation types, and identify Modalities and evidences of failure.


Review a typical installation of a modern air-conditioning unit and heat pump. Identify components, air flow, modalities and evidences of failures, and installations. Discussion of unit disconnects, heat movement, indoor and outdoor coils, temperature splits, zone controls, thermostats and ductwork.

  • Condensing unit and components
  • Inspecting the interior components
  • Inspecting the unit, typical defects
  • Inspecting the circulating air flow, typical defects

After this session, you will be knowledgeable regarding the fundamentals of air conditioning, heat transfer, air flow, ductwork and heat pumps, nomenclature specific to heat pumps and air conditioning and their relation to home inspection, identification of heat pumps/air conditioners and proper temperature split, identification of modalities and evidences of failure, and common ‘defects’ and recognition.


Explore inspection of floor and roof trusses exclusively. Identification of components, load paths, consensus references, truss drawings and modalities and evidences of failures and site installations, while reviewing a typical installation of modern open web floor and roof trusses, as well as I-Joists. Components, truss drawings, boring, point loads, modifications and piggy-back trusses will be discussed.

  • Load Paths
  • Open Web Wood Floor Trusses
  • Wood I-Joists
  • Roof Trusses

After this session, you will be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of fundamentals of load paths, truss design, connections, bearing and manufacturer specifications; nomenclature specific to trusses and their relation to home inspection, identification of different components and function, as well as many types of trusses and the modalities and evidences of failure, and common ‘defects’ and recognition.


Explore several concepts of risk reduction, including inspection scope and limitations, Standards of Practice creep, criteria for inspecting components, recommended practices, and inspection reporting requirements.

  • Some history of home inspection regulation, common claims
  • Benefits of professional services agreements
  • What to document in reports and action recommendations
  • Common reporting problems
  • Actions  reducing risk
  • Improvements to consider in reporting
  • Actual claim discussions

Upon completion of this session, you will understand that writing a huge 75-page report is not a protection against claims, and that the contract you found online 10 years ago to avoid liability affords you less protection than you think. You will be able to evaluate your website as a plaintiff’s attorney will. You will understand best-practice inspection procedures, report writing tips, and benefits of professional service agreements.

There will be a mid-day break for lunch ‘on your own’.

Early-Bird Registration before 9/2/17:
General Public: $190
After 9/2/17, please add $25 to each fee.